Big Data in Health Care – coping with GDPR (Dutch spoken)

Vektis manages a wealth of information from claims data. But one has to navigate between the guidelines and restrictions from the GDPR legislation and the wishes from the organisation and clients for analyses on that data. Herman Bennema explains how one copes with this.

Data Modelling: What data model fits your purpose? (Dutch spoken)

The more regulations that organisations have to deal with (GDPR, Data Act, AI Act) the more important it is to understand your data and data storage. Data modelling is crucial here but which type of data model fits best for which application? Tanja Ubert discusses the most common types of data models, the relationship between them and when best to apply which type.

The Human Side of Data Modelling

Alec Sharp introduces simple, proven techniques to vastly improve engagement and comprehension by all participants in Concept Modelling, especially those unfamiliar with or even uninterested in modelling.

Data as a Driver for AI (Dutch spoken)

In this talk by Jan Veldsink, we are going to focus on data centricity, putting the data in the centre and turning it into multiple analyses/reports and applications.

Understanding Graph Technologies

In this half-day virtual workshop Thomas Frisendal will showcase what and how graph technologies imply from practical perspectives and which tools are available. He will also demonstrate how graph solutions are different as well as how traditional databases and graphs are complementary to each other. The combination of the two is really powerful, and, fortunately, relatively easy to implement.

Concept Modelling for Business Analysts

Concept Modelling (or Conceptual Data Modelling) has seen an amazing resurgence of popularity in recent years, and Alec Sharp illustrates the many reasons for this along with practical techniques and guidelines to ensure useful models and business engagement.

Knowledge Graphs – New Perspectives on Analytics

Ever since Google announced its Knowledge Graph solution in 2012 the paradigm has found its way into many real-world use cases, mostly in the analytics space. This presentation will cover what a Knowledge Graph is, how it is different and yet complementary and will look at vendors, products and standards.

Data Observability – What is it and why is it important?

This session by internationally acclaimed analyst Mike Ferguson looks at the emergence of Data Observability and looks at what it is about, what Data Observability can observe, vendors in the market and examples of what vendors are capturing about data.

Data Lakehouse: Marketing Hype or New Architecture? (English spoken)

This session discusses all aspects of data warehouses and data lakes, including data quality, data governance, auditability, performance, historic data, and data integration, to determine if the data lakehouse is a marketing hype or whether this is really a valuable and realistic new data architecture.